Government Spokesman Ashikh Awan Said on Wednesday

Government Spokesman Ashikh Awan Said on Wednesday
Government spokesman Ashikh Awan said Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan told the Punjab government that "Nawaz Sharif will receive the best treatment for his family's wishes. In a Twitter article, she said the prime minister found a detailed report on the former best health from the Punjab government. Awan also said that the prime minister prayed for "Sharif and wanted him a quick recovery.

Nawaz was taken to a hospital for services

Nawaz was taken to a hospital for services late Monday night after his condition worsened, which was confirmed by a new inspection by the government. Dr Mahmood Ayaz, director of the multidisciplinary medical committee of the service hospital, told us that the former top body had drastically dropped the cells responsible for blood clotting (platelets). Yesterday we performed platelet transfusion.

Today, his condition has improved considerably. Our board convened today and recommended some more tests. We will give better opinions when the results come out," he said. When the board asked why Nawaz could have experienced a sudden platelet loss, Dr. Ayaz replied that blood tests were directed for that purpose for negative purposes.

This committee will be convened again this evening. We hold meetings two or three times a day so there's no shortage of diagnosis and follow-up. Dr. Ayaz said he is monitoring platelet counts and, if deemed necessary, will conduct another blood transfusion to maintain the desired level of platelets. He said Nawaz's health is "normal" otherwise.

NAB condemns 'responsible and groundless claims

In a press release issued today, the National Accountability Bureau strongly condemned the irresponsible and unfounded claims that Nawaz's transfer to the hospital was delayed. As soon as Nawaz Sharif moved from Cottrakpat prison to Lahore prison, a modern cardiac ambulance was arranged with three doctors at the Punjab Heart Hospital (PIC) to cope with an emergency medical situation.

The NAB statement states, “In addition, we have an authorized physician who is available 24 hours a day, at the NAB Lahore Clinic and we have already received Rescue 1122 ambulance service. The anti-corruption watchdog claims that it is "strongly rejected" of everything, "unfounded, crafted, and all that contradicts true political propaganda.

NAB also rejected the notion that Nawaz could not see or receive treatment for his personal doctor, Adnan. The Bureau recalled that three times Dr. Adnan met Nawaz, that is, samples for various tests were also collected on October 11, 19 and 21. What Nawaz Sharif is taking regularly is a drug prescribed only by Dr. Adnan.

They were sent in packets with food every day," he said. NAB said in a statement that Nawaz decided not to use medical facilities, including doctors, paramedics, and ambulances. He maintained the paradox to avoid a doctor's check other than Dr. Adnan while he was in custody of the NAB in Lahore.

A special paramedic at Sharif Medical Complex was called to get blood samples even. So the arguments opposed by some of the elements are just products of imagination. The Secretariat sought to clarify that in a statement Monday, Dr. Adnan warned NAB about unsatisfactory laboratory results at 8:41, but failed to provide a copy of the report and that the results came only through a tweet at 9:00. Became known.

As soon as NAB acted to move Nawaz to the hospital

Nawaz continued to oppose this move. The establishment of the board of directors, special room arrangements and special routes for travel were all quickly arranged, and Shahbaz Sharif was allowed to meet him, whom Nawaz agreed to go. I spent more than an hour preparing to go to the hospital, including packaging," he said in a statement.

Facilitated Fascist Government

I don't think it's time for Mariyum to respond," said PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb, who rebutted Awan's comments. These delegates are not worth it, and it's better not to respond. Regarding NAB, Aurangzeb said, "The station is not MBBS certified and cannot do everything it wants.

She confirmed that tests were underway to investigate the drop in Nawaz platelet levels. We warned the authorities several times about his loss of health, but each time I blinded the matter. The PML-N leader said, “The current government is cold and fascist.

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

On Wednesday, lawyers from different political parties expressed solidarity with fired employees by visiting protest camps set up outside the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) building. Lawmakers have promised to take all possible steps to reject the newly announced Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance in 2019. They urged the government to provide jobs to the public without losing their jobs.

Announced last week by Pakistani President Dr. Arif Alvi, the ordinance not only gave autonomy to private medical schools, but also halted the service of about 220 PMDC employees. PMDC paved the way for the establishment of a new organization called the Pakistan Central Committee (PMC). As the Health Department sealed off the council building, the staff began to sit outside the building and set up a protest camp there.

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

Deputy Secretary-General of the Senate Jami-F (Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl), told protesters that the matter would be raised immediately in the National Assembly. It is not justified that many employees have been terminated. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's doctors are also suffering and demonstrating against the unfair and cruel policy of the PTI (Petist Tehreek-i-Insaf) government.

Pakistan's Senator Sherry, who refused the previous PMDC bylaws before the August 29 PM ordinance, ensured that he would make every possible effort to resolve the issue. People sitting outside Pakistan should not force people on their own will. Unfortunately, efforts are underway to close Congress and run the country through presidential ordinances.

The government is even violating court orders and forcing the laws of General Pervez Musharraf and General Giaul Haak. PPP leader Kaiber Kunim said that even the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police officers controlled the hospital to areas like Kashmir where they were occupied.

Senator Muhammad Tahir Bizenjo also arrived and expressed solidarity with the employees fired there. Senator Jamaat-i-Islami Senator Sirajul Haq has already moved the resolution from the Senate to the disapproval of the bylaw. Pakistani Muslim League Nawaz spokesman Mar­yam Aurangzeb also readjusted this decree.

Secretary of State Murad Ali Shah

Murad Ali Shah approved the rules of the Act Amal Umer Act on Wednesday, which allowed the hospital to "inform medically legal procedures" Provide immediate treatment. In his Cabinet meeting today, Shah addressed the death of 10-year-old Amal Umer, who pointed out that "the hospital wasted 40 minutes of life due to medical and legal proceedings. We have to stop this. We can't risk someone's life for medical and legal proceedings.

Shah also added that the Sindh government will raise funds to treat the injured. According to the law passed by the Synod General Assembly after the death of Amal Umer, both private and government hospitals "must provide treatment to all injured persons without delay" without complying with medical staff-before proceeding with medical treatment or legal procedure or payment If you require. 

By law, the police cannot "hang or interfere" until the person is considered out of danger. The doctor does not have to obtain the consent of relatives while providing forced treatment. Last year, Amal was shot in a fire between a police officer and a robber during a 'meeting' in Karachi.

According to her mother, she was transferred to a national medical center where a minor refused treatment, and the family was instructed to take her to Jinnah Graduate Medical Center or Aga Khan University Hospital.

Umar died of delayed treatment. Her death provoked public anger, and in such cases, with the neglect of the hospital, questions about the performance of the police were raised.

Transgender representation

The Prime Minister also approved a 0.5 percent job quota for transgender in all government departments and said he wanted to "take the transgender community into the mainstream" and make it a "productive citizen.

He instructed transgenders to have all relevant documents before applying for a job. He also called for a "focus on education.

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab noted earlier this year that the local government had booked a 0.5pc work quota for transgenders at police stations only. The same quota is now reserved for transgender community members in all government departments.

Pakistan and India Begin Their Inauguration Next Month

Pakistan and India Begin Their Inauguration Next Month
Pakistan and India begin their inauguration next month ahead of the 550th anniversary of the Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev by signing the Karthpur corridor Thursday (today). Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said in a media report Wednesday that "currently Pakistan and India will sign the Kartarpur Sahib corridor tomorrow.

India's Foreign Ministry announced on Monday

It was ready to sign the agreement on October 23, but now it is scheduled for Thursday. The signing ceremony takes place at the Kartarpur Zero Line. The contract will be released. A spokesman said, “After signing the agreement, we will share the details by clause. The agreement was finalized after three negotiations.

Negotiations were delayed due to deep differences in the various provisions of the negotiations, while at the same time India reserves for pool and village independence, committee composition were established to take care of the corridors and elections. The last issue was a $ 20 service fee that Pakistan charges all pilgrims for one trip. But India reluctantly agreed.

Pakistan is currently studying a mechanism for charging pilgrims for $ 20. Prime Minister Imran Khan will open the hallway on November 9th and a visa-free link will be made available to pilgrims between Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur and Dra Baba Nanak Shrine in Punjab, India.

The exact time when the gentleman opens and closes the door will be announced after signing the contract. Up to 5,000 of the Sikh pilgrims in India use the corridor, but in special cases more are accommodated depending on the capacity.

The importants of this agreement

The signing of this agreement is important because the two countries are entering into an agreement despite a sharp deterioration in relations to the Kashmir conflict. Faisal, in his briefing, stressed that the real problem was to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir disputes at the UNSC resolution and the Kashmiri people's will. "Peace and stability in South Asia will be ambiguous until this problem is resolved," he added.

During his visit to Eura Town, Azad Kashmir, diplomatic battalions and foreign journalists were given the opportunity to talk with the locals, and at the Civil Control Officer (LoC) there was an opportunity to investigate the provocations that killed Indians and injured civilians. said. Many people, including women and children.

He said that the Indian High Commissioner was asked to join the delegation and share their claims on surgical strikes, but no response had been made so far.

Arbitration the spokesman said

It is continuing in response to questions about Pakistan's efforts to mediate Iran and Saudi Arabia. But he did not comment on Saudi Arabia's foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir's statement. Jubeir said, “There is no arbitration. People come to us with ideas and we give them our reaction and our reaction is that we want Iranian people to do it. And we want to see action rather than words.

Faisal says Pakistan will join China, Russia and the United States on four-party talks on the Afghan peace process in Moscow, Moscow. He said Pakistan has so far been part of all efforts and processes to discuss and promote Afghanistan's peace and reconciliation efforts. "Pakistan's role is particularly noteworthy in determining international convergence for peaceful resolution in Afghanistan," he said.

A spokesman said Pakistan will continue to "full support as part of a joint responsibility for the success of international peace efforts in Afghanistan. A Taleban spokesman insisted on Pakistan's role in Afghanistan dialogue in China. A FO spokesman said Pakistan regarded Hong Kong as an internal Chinese problem and supported "one China policy.

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, who supported the Kashmir movement despite India's ban on palm oil imports, said Pakistan proudly said that it has a Muslim friend like Malaysia.

Faisal said that India could not stop the three rivers under the Indus Water Treaty, which the World Bank endorses about the threat of India's inflow of water into Pakistan. He said he had the right to take action under the treaty if he questioned Pakistan's right to the three rivers.

Pakistan's prime minister, Navaj Sharif on Wednesday

On Wednesday, when Pakistan's prime minister, Navaj Sharif, appears to have slightly improved his health, President Pakistan's Muslim League (PML-N) Shavaz Sharif has complained about the facility's "full support" decision. Shahbaz Sharif, expressing his rare feelings in connection with the establishment, said: I supported the agency 100%, but the improper government of Imran Khan failed to deliver it.

We did not even receive 10pc of support for the agencies. Since there was no such case in Pakistan's history, I was surprised at the support that the Imran Khan government enjoys in all institutions. Pakistan would have advanced by leaps and bounds if it gave 10-15pc to the PML-N government under Nawaz Sharif or received a" push "from the agency.

He addressed PML-N lawmakers here in Model Town on October 31 regarding the party's preparation for the "Aza di March. Nawaz's reduced platelet count stimulates the doctor to choose 'aggressive drugs'. Mariam was hospitalized.

Shahbaz Sharif said

Imran Khan gained strength through rigging in the 2018 election. Imran Khan Niazi is arrogant and has no vision to solve the problems facing the country today. He is good at tampering the ball and a few other things and knows nothing else. He was no one respected and selfish. He added that he cursed Imran Khan for making people miserable in his life and added that he wanted a "plunder" that made this country advance on all fronts.

PML-N told the senior party leaders and lawmakers in Punjab: He asked to mobilize workers for the 'big show' in Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif, who was admitted to a service hospital on Monday, showed no signs of improvement. While reducing platelet counts, six medical staff led by Ayaz Mahmood, head of the service hospital, are still struggling to diagnose why they are not healthy.

A member of the board told us on Wednesday that platelet counts dropped from 29,000 to 7,000, urging medical staff to opt for "aggressive drugs" in addition to platelet transfusion. Since Tuesday, 7 million platelets have been transfused to patients, and the medical board has found it difficult to figure out why sudden counts fall," added Wednesday evening.

Board called the city's main hematologist for help in this regard. But the medical board wasn't decisive about the exact diagnosis, worsening Nawaz Sharif's health," he added.

The board added that blood samples were sent back to public hospital laboratories and private hospitals for major diagnosis. Causes of "fast reduction of platelet count. He felt that his former best was weak because of the "instability" of platelet counts.

Health Minister Yasmin Rashid Punjabi told the media that

Naz Sharif's condition is "stable" and that the government is giving him the best treatment. She said personally there was no problem if President Sharif wanted to go abroad for treatment, but she did not express his wishes in this regard. Dr. Rashid also met with Prime Minister Sharif and expressed concern about the health of Khan and Secretary of State Usman Buzdar.

PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hus­sain and Punjab Congressman Perv­aiz Elahi called Shahbaz Sharif and asked Nawaz Sharif's health. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said PM's Special Assistant to Information said the authorities had ordered Nawaz Sharif to provide the best medical facilities.

The prime minister prayed for his recovery and expressed his best wishes for him. Prime Minister Ahsan Iqbal said Imran Khan Niazi is responsible for Nazaz Sharif's poor health. "The hatred of the PTI government also reflects inhumane acts against Maryam Nawaz, Rana Sanaullah Khan and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Mariam meets with me

Detained PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz met Nawaz Sharif at a service hospital after the Punjab government accepted her request in this regard. One source said, “After an hour-long meeting between father and daughter, the hospital administration provided checkups at the hospital because of poor health over the past few days.

He said that Maryam accepted the government's proposal to enter the hospital. The doctor did a blood test late at night and began treatment in the light of the test results. Earlier this day, the court asked Maryam Nawaz for an hour of meeting with his father in prison at the hospital.

Government Decided to Protest the Oppositions Azadi March Protest

Government Decided to Protest the Oppositions Azadi March Protest
On Wednesday, the government decided to protest the opposition's Azadi March protest, unless the parameters presented by the legal protest court were violated. The decision was made after the commissioned team for negotiations with the opposition party made recommendations to the prime minister.

During the meeting

It was decided that "Azadi March, proposed with a firm belief that the government supports democratic ideology, occurs within the courts and constitutions, will be interpreted according to the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. "Islamabad High Court. The Prime Minister believes in democratic rights to protest," Congressman spokesman told us earlier.

Protesters can carry out the march, as long as they have no negative impact on the daily lives of citizens, according to past rulings of the Supreme Court and the High Court. The news reports that Islamabad police issued riot gear and mobilized containers to block sensitive areas of the capital to prevent protesters from advancing to the Red Zone.

Government, opposition on Friday

On Wednesday, Defense Minister Pervez Katak and House of Representatives Punjab Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi contacted Akram Khan Durrani and Maulana Fazlur Rehman of Jud-F, members of the government negotiation committee, respectively about the protest march. According to a JUI-F spokesman, following a telephone call from government representatives, Durrani convened a meeting of the opposition Rehbar committee on Friday.

It takes place at 4 pm in the Islamabad residence of Durani. After the meeting, the government negotiation committee, led by Khattak, will meet with the Rehbar Committee at 5 pm to discuss Azadi March.

Azadi March

Leiman Governor of JUI-F announced in June that his party decided to make an anti-government long march to Islamabad for a month in October to overthrow the government. Maulana initially set October 27 as the date of the long march, but later said that he would organize a rally on October 27 to postpone solidarity with the Kashmir people by postponing until October 27.

The world about the atrocities of India that occupied Kashmir that day. On Friday, Prime Minister Imran Khan formed seven teams under Defense Minister Pervez Katak to engage JUI-F and other opposition parties ahead of the planned march.

Secretary-General JUI-F met with the secretary of the party and Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri on Saturday to meet with the Senate chairman who reached the meeting by telephone as a member of the government commerce team. .

On Sunday after the PPP disputed the negotiations, Rehman blocked his party's delegation from meeting with Sanjrani that the decision on dialogue with the government would be decided by the opposition Rehbar committee.

JUI-F leader Akram Durrani told the media on Monday that after the Rehbar committee meeting, the option to negotiate with the government is authorized to take a peaceful 'Aza di March' on October 27.

The occupied Kashmir in India

The occupied Kashmir (IOK) in India is facing a "humanitarian crisis," and the United States Congress panel observed that India's decision on the 5th of August to merge "territorial" territory was "disaster" for Kasmiris. The report was held Tuesday in a full-day hearing at the House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific, and the Indian media described it as "the most important investigation that India has received from the US Congressional Panel since the 1998 nuclear test.

At least three lawmakers, Ilhan Omar, Tom Malinowski and David Cicilline, testified to US officials in front of a panel recently that the Indian government's motivation for Kashmir's decision was a national security or transnationalism and a major agenda. Rhode Island Democratic Congressman Siclin asked.

How far have you been able to accomplish this attack and this attack in Kashmir as a result of BJP and RSS, especially RSS, especially transnational sentiment?" "What are we doing to help it fight and recognize that this is not the proper way to act in democracy?

The BJP political platform

The repeal of Article 370 has long been the mainstream of the BJP political platform. When Modi took the majority in the general election, 67% of the Indians participated in the government to move it quickly and without consultation with us. ” G Wells replied. Withdrawal is a bit of a whisker. We are not taking the position of Article 370 and we are taking a position on whether Kasmisris can live with dignity and have a complete economic and political life.

Congressman Cicilline asked if the Indian security forces had used pellet guns in Kashmiris since August 5, the children who were blinded by these guns, and did not know where their families were. Wells promised to look into this report. Brad Sherman, chairman of the committee, claimed to have blocked Kashmir in other parts of the world to prevent cross-border terrorist attacks.

Sherman asked if there had been a "confirmed cross-border terrorism" incident after changing the status of Kashmir occupied by India since August 5. Wells said she was "hearing different stories on different sides," but "we observed a decrease in infiltration incidents. This observation contradicts India's claim that there were terrorist groups waiting to cross the line of control.

Parliament Chairman Kaulacus Parliament

Pakistan's parliamentary chairman Sheila Jackson Lee, asked Secretary of State Robert Distro if Locke Destro could explain the "humanitarian crisis. Jackson Lee, a member of India's Prime Minister in Houston earlier this month and attending India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi, called for Pakistan's sacrifice in the war on terror. She approached humanitarian crisis from a different angle.

Have you ever rejected the famous Indian government or journalist from the Indian government for the United States? No," Wells responded, leaving room for Jackson Lee's follow-up questions. What should I do if I am denied entry to the Kashmir region for lawful purposes (a member of the US Congress)? I am sorry that our senator Van Hollen could not travel to Kashmir.

Wells is convinced that we can travel back to Kashmir. In a two-hour long morning session, Trump administration officials often had to defend India's actions in Kashmir, expressing "inconvenience for the choices chosen by New Delhi," according to Indian media reports.

The hearing title is 'South Asian Human Rights', but there are numerous questions related to Kashmir. The packed room was applauded whenever a lawmaker or US official criticized Indian actions in Kashmir.

Well stressed her concerns about the way the Indian authorities implemented the decision on August 5, pointing out that Washington is constantly raising concerns about the Kashmir situation.

She also said that

While the United States supports Kasmiris' right to protest peacefully, it denounces "terrorists trying to disrupt dialogue using violence and fear" between India and Pakistan. Mrs. Wells said US diplomats rely on Indian officials and media reports for information about Kashmir's situation, Sherman said.

Mrs. Wells said David Torne of Congress "looks like the right time" when he argued that India is not the right time to bring foreign officials and journalists into Kashmir. Congressman Abigail Spanberger said, “How do you accept that India, a US strategic partner from trade to military cooperation, is currently saying that US diplomats cannot enter Kashmir?

She said Indian government officials said that the situation in Kashmir has improved, but her members of Kashmir's family said "very different stories." She also cited several examples of how the blockade disrupted life and even led to death.

Senator Tom Malinovsky pointed out that this interception "dissolves the very people who want to be our allies. The first Indian-American lawmaker, Pramila Jayapal and Sherman, said that the Kashmiri-American Mujahid Shah was detained regardless of his father, businessman, or political party.

Jaya Pal was concerned that despite orders from the High Court to stop preventive detention, India did not disclose even those who had a favorable ruling.

Gwadar Will Start A Mega Project to Help Poor Fishermen

Gwadar Will Start A Mega Project to Help Poor Fishermen
Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Wednesday that Gwadar will start a mega project to help poor fishermen and start later in Peshawar and elsewhere to provide affordable housing for low-income families. He addressed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations Project Services Office (UNOPS) and the Naya Pakistan Housing Program's Sustainable Housing Solutions.

PM received financial and technical support

The prime minister received financial and technical support from UNOPS and SHS, which said the project will accelerate the economy by overcoming the housing shortage in addition to job creation. He said the government is trying to revive the economy, adding that the nation 's economy has suffered from the looting of the past decade.

The Prime Minister noted that UNOPS financial assistance will utilize local labor and materials that benefit directly to the 40 industries that have allied with the construction sector. He said that building housing will not only encourage educated young people, new and big and large corporations and entrepreneurs to enter the field, but will also reinforce the economy and bring architectural expertise. 

Imran discusses bilateral relations and regional development with Prince UAE over the phone. He added that the Naya Pakistan Housing Authority is overcoming administrative and legislative problems as a window is opened to help investors and construction companies. Khan appealed to the chief justice of the Lahore High Court to settle the case of the pending high-level disposal law as soon as possible.

He observed that the banking sector could expand its lending facility and ease the mortgage process by making early decisions. He said that in the government's Naya Pakistan Housing Program, people, especially those who receive salaries without financial resources, can afford to pay for housing at an affordable price. He added that efforts were made to minimize the rate of increase.

PM expressed confidence 

The prime minister expressed confidence that when the government faced financial problems, it was difficult for the government to make new attempts, and promised to implement the promise of providing affordable housing for the people within five years. The Prime Minister also witnessed signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the government representative and the UNOPS and SHS.

This Memorandum of Understanding is the latest version of the UNOPS Social Impact Investment Initiative (S3I), which is engaged in projects similar to Ghana, Kenya, the Caribbean Islands and India. Housing Minister Chaudhry Tariq Bashir Cheema attended the event, signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that said the government expressed seriousness to overcome housing shortages.

Vitaly Vanshelboim, United Nations Secretary-General, Vice-Chairman and UNOPS COO, said building 5 million houses in Pakistan has huge market opportunities as the most ambitious and favorable initiative. UNOPS will ensure quality construction related to local labor, he said. Contact the UAE Crown Prince. Prime Minister Imran Khan called Emir of Sheikh Mohammed bin Saez al Nahman.

United Arab Emirates

The prince of the United Arab Emirates, to exchange views on bilateral relations and regional development. The prime minister reaffirmed the importance of Pakistan's friendly ties with the United Arab Emirates and the close cooperation between the two countries. PM thanked the prince for his release of 700 Pakistani prisoners during Ramazan and highly praised the UAE's support for Pakistan on the FATF issue.

They also discussed ways to further deepen bilateral cooperation in different areas and agreed to maintain close consultations on regional and multilateral issues. Prime Minister Khan urged KP President Shah Farman to increase contact with political leaders in Afghanistan, helping to ensure that the best relationship at all levels between the two countries meets the interests of the region and achieves common goals. He said.

The prime minister spoke with the governor who had a telephone conversation with the prime minister. Khan ordered the governor to contact the Afghans. In addition to visiting Afghanistan, Farman Shah invites governors from various parts of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Senior executives from the Pakistani economy

Senior executives from the Pakistani economy have exchanged views on plans for an economic recovery with Washington and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials this week in Washington. The group includes Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Finance and Revenue Advisor, Dr. Reza Baqir, and the State Bank of Pakistan.

According to government media reports, Pakistani officials spoke closely with the World Bank - members of the IMF Pakistan Employees' Association (PPA) and heard suggestions for economic reform. They also attended the cross-section of individuals from think tanks, government, academia and Pakistan Diaspora at the event "Pakistan.

This Time is Different" hosted by Center for Global Development (CGD) Governor Masood Ahmed The Imran Khan government, faced with a recent deepening financial crisis, has embarked on an ambitious economic reform program," the CGD statement said. The program was funded by a $ 6 billion IMF loan and $ 3.2 billion in related funding. have.

But the statement warned that "Pakistan has a long history of undertaking such reforms, but it can not be seen through it. According to a recent IMF statement, Pakistan faces a long-standing economic crisis, including low income mobilization, high fiscal deficits and debt, low spending on education, health and social programs, and weak external stance.

The IMF believes that it "reflects the legacy of uneven and cyclical economic policies" with the aim of increasing growth, but it is increasingly vulnerable and at the expense of structural and institutional weaknesses.

 IMF pointed out that the Pakistani authorities

However, the IMF pointed out that the Pakistani authorities have already begun to take difficult but necessary steps" to help Pakistan restore the economy and lay the foundation for continuous change and comprehensive growth. The IMF believes that such policy reforms and measures will "be a positive and significant turning point in Pakistan's economic outlook. The statement urged Pakistan to step up efforts.

This is because "decisive policies and reforms are needed together with significant external funding to reinforce the activities of the private sector and to create jobs, as well as to reduce vulnerabilities quickly, to increase confidence, and to return to a sustainable growth path. The IMF also proposed specific policy measures that Pakistan would like to undertake.

The proposed actions include the adoption of market-determined exchange rates that can help the functioning of the financial sector and contribute to a better allocation of resources in the economy. The IMF reminds us that Pakistan will help eliminate or reduce the budget deficit, which consumes government resources that are lacking in comprehensive plans for the energy sector and the cost recovery of state-owned enterprises.

This will ensure resources for expenditure in priority areas such as health, education, human resource development and poverty reduction. Another measure is to improve revenue mobilization by improving public funds and reducing public debt through revenue reform and ensuring a more even and transparent tax burden distribution.

Each state promises to contribute to this effort by better coordinating its fiscal and federal goals," the IMF said.

Nationwide Tax Notice Was Forwarded to the Hospital

Nationwide Tax Notice Was Forwarded to the Hospital
The country's top detergent has broadened the scope of issuing tax notices to private medical institutions, hospitals, and owners of doctors. Nationwide tax driving has begun to introduce the largest occupations and sectors into the tax system. This notice was forwarded to the hospital, the private hospitals and medical center owners nationwide to identify all doctors who were not subject to taxation, despite overconsuming income.

Pakistani Medical and Dental Council

A senior tax official told Darch that the number of doctors, including dentists registered with the Pakistani Medical and Dental Council, reached 258,747 by June 30, 2019. Regional Tax Office (RTO) Islamabad has begun collecting information on doctors and 40 hospitals in the federal capital. The notice has been issued to the hospital pursuant to Section 176 of the Income Tax Act. We wrote to the PMDC to find information about these hospitals in Islamabad," the official said.

These hospitals include Shifa International, Maroof International, Quaid-i-Azam International, Ali Medical and Kulsoom International. Similarly, RTO Rawalpindi has sent 217 notices to private hospitals and doctors to register with the income tax department. "We will give more notice in the next few weeks," a source at RTO told us. RTO Peshawar also notified the owner of the medical center and doctors working there.

We have published about 25 notices directly to doctors at the Khattak Medical Center," said one official at Peshawar RTO. He also said that a bill was issued to various medical centers in June 2019. RTO Sargodha has so far notified its doctors 187 to register with the Income Tax Department. This notice was issued to Sargodha's 27 doctors, Mianwali's 16, Piplan's 10, Bhakkar's 42, Mandi Bahauddin's 17, Jauharabad's 60 and Bhulwal's 15.

 RTO has announced a notice to 30 hospitals

In Karachi, RTO has announced a notice to 30 hospitals so far. "This drive will be extended to other hospitals in the city," a tax official said. Chairman Shabbir Zaidi of FBR spoke about a notice issued by Income Iax Ordinance that an income taxpayer would report his profits. He said the scope of the examination would be extended to other occupations.

The data received at this hospital will cross with the withholding statement submitted by the hospital and consultant, not the tax refund applicant. When data analysis is complete, we will notify the physician and other staff at the hospital directly. FBR has already extended the deadline for filing tax returns by August 2, 2019 for the 2018 tax year.

In the tax year of 2018, the number of Pakistani taxpayers increased by nearly 700,000 and the total number of people who filed the complaint reached 2.154 million. FBR plans to raise this figure to 4m in the tax year 2019. Under the Income Tax Act, everyone who owns a house over 500 square yards or a car over 1000 cc is required to file a tax return.

FBR has already collected data from 8m to 10m, which owns homes larger than 500m3-yd, and has over 1000cc banks and bank accounts nationwide. This data is used to issue notices at various stages in the current fiscal year.

As the price of oil rose dramatically

Rawalpindi and the twin city residents of Islamabad, especially the salaried class, found it difficult to manage the household budget. They urged the PTI government to withdraw its decision for greater public benefit. The government announced Wednesday that it would raise oil prices by 4.5 to 10pc. The recent surge in oil prices has fears that in addition to transportation charges, prices for daily-used foods and other products will rise.

Mohammad Suleman, a government employee, said it would be difficult to manage household budgets because of limited wages. He said he was receiving the same salary despite the price of edible ash. He said the new tax made people's lives miserable and that they had to do two things to cover the costs. He planned to open a store on the street, but he did not have enough money.

School teacher Shahid Raja said unprecedented price increases will affect the quality of life for the general public. He said prices for flour, vegetables and meat were already high. He said he was afraid of future inflationary waves. Arslan Ali, a private company employee, said rising oil prices had an impact on his budget. My salary has not been raised during the past year, but the prices of many products are so high that it is difficult to manage things," he said.

He added that the government has already raised electricity and gas bills. Instead of raising oil prices, bureaucrats have to reduce their spending through tightening," he said. Speaking to the scribe, some merchants urged the government to withdraw oil prices. The PTI government failed to do the work of the state and its economic policies uncovered a hollow claim to stabilize the economy," said Sharjel Mir, Traders Association of Punjab chief.

He said business costs have increased and fewer customers than in the past. He said that all freight forwarders had to raise freight immediately and merchants should pass on the price increase to consumers. Meanwhile, Malik Shahid Saleem, president of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce, demanded that inflation be widespread and the government to withdraw its decision with a huge impression of the price of POL.

The biggest growth rate in 5 years and 9 months

Inflation recorded double-digit growth in the first month of the new fiscal year, the biggest growth rate in five years and nine months. Inflation, measured by the consumer price index (CPI), rose to 10.34% in July from 8.9pc last month, the Pakistani Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday. Inflation remained at 5.84pc in the same month last year. The last time inflation was entered as two digits is November 2013, at 10.9%.

Inflation has accelerated over the last few months as adjustments in petroleum product prices and hikes in electricity and gas rates have increased. The government has also introduced some tax measures, but the cumulative effect has brought total inflation up to double digits. Rupee depreciation has increased prices of imported consumer goods and non-consumer goods.

Especially raw materials used in manufacturing industrial goods, over the past few months. The government planned inflation targets between 11pc and 13pc in fiscal year 2019-20 compared to 7.3pc recorded in 2018-19. The price level imaginable in the first month of the current fiscal year appears to be due to the surge in non-food inflation in July.

Increase prices of petroleum products, electricity and gas fuel gross inflation The CPI keeps track of about 480 commodity prices every month in the city center of the country. Food inflation rose by an annual average of 9.2%, but surged by 1.5pc monthly. The price of non-perishable food items rose 7.85pc and the perishable product rose 8.06pc in July.

Food items with the highest prices

Food items with the highest prices in July were potatoes 16.84pc, pulsation 5.41pc, eggs 5.06pc, shrub 4.80pc, pulse 4.50pc, flour 3.58pc, fresh vegetables 3.56pc, malt muscle 2.83pc, vegetable crab 2.49pc, Bakery and confectionery 2.45pc, rice 1.77pc, milk fresh 1.41pc, pulse gram 1.31pc, tomato 1.17pc, sugar 1.09pc and meat 0.93pc. However, in the same category, the price of chicken was 8.26pc, fresh fruit 7.95p, onion 1.73pc, ballpark and nuts 0.65pc. Non-food inflation, on the other hand, increased by 11.1% on a yearly basis and by 2.8% on a monthly basis.

This increase is mainly due to the combined effects of rising oil prices and the appreciation of the won over the past few months. The government shifted this increase to domestic consumers. Non-grocery prices are still under pressure due to the education index, which rose to 6.9%. Clothing and footwear increased by 7.4pc, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuel by 12.74pc, furniture and household goods by 10.17pc, health by 8.97pc, transport by 14.67pc, recreation and culture by 7.67pc.

Excluding volatile food and energy prices, core inflation was 7.8 percent a year, 1.7 percent monthly. On July 16, the National Bank of Pakistan raised its key policy rate by 100 basis points to 13.25%. This suggests the possibility of short-term inflation due to inflationary pressures and high public utility rates. The gradual accumulation of domestic demand is evident in rising core inflation.

CPI covers the price movements of 43 of the 89 product groups. Core inflation remained at an average high compared to the same period last year, driven by continued increases in education and medical costs. The average inflation measured in the sensitive price index rose to 3.58pc last year, 12.16pc in July, while the wholesale price index rose 13.46pc from 10.50pc in 2018-19.

Government Resumed Reform of the World Bank Backed Gas Sector

Government Resumed Reform of the World Bank Backed Gas Sector
The government resumed reform of the World Bank-backed gas sector, left unfinished by former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in his provincial resistance. The proposed reform would consider dismantling gas facilities such as Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SNGPL) and Sui Southern Gas Pipelines Ltd (SSGCL) to at least five public sector companies, including gas transmission companies and four local distribution companies have. Electric Power Company.

World Bank mission is now in Islamabad

The intelligence sources told us that the World Bank mission is now in Islamabad and had detailed discussions with the government, including energy ministry, gas facilities, regulators and other stakeholders. Sources say the Sindh and Balochistan governments prohibit them from attending World Bank-led meetings.

But reservations about the idea that Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's deliberate objection to the spirit of Articles 158 and 172 (3) of the Constitution. According to the sources, the federal government did not attend the meeting and said that they were dissatisfied with Sind and Balochistan. Sources added that the mission is likely to visit Quetta and Karachi next month.

After the dismantling of SNGPL and SSGCL, the reform proposes that the general transmission company (Transco) will introduce several operators to the distribution network as a gas network operator / operator in accordance with the National Transmission and Disassembly Company (NTDC) pattern in the grid.

Likewise, to protect the spirit of Article 158 of the Constitution, there will be four gas distribution companies with local boundaries to the sales area, in addition to dedicated domestic gas supply to consumers in the gas production area. This issue was addressed at the level of the CCP and Common Interests but could not be resolved by the strong opposition of the KP and the Sindhi government.

Grid will provide an open access

The grid will provide an open access distribution company with other private operators as imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) increase. The proposed Transco will not give up its ownership of the gas because it only pays for the gas to be transported and the freight to be determined by the regulator and the private carrier for the LNG imported by the private carrier for the local gas to be sold by the local distribution company consumer.

Import and domestic gas will be treated in two parts for all legal and practical purposes. This means that domestic gas will go to local consumers in accordance with the available standards and imported gas will be supplied to large and large consumers on a firm basis of supply. Domestic consumers will not be able to withstand the financial impact of imported gas, which remains ring-fenced to large consumers at the current total cost recovery.

Domestic consumer prices will continue to be reported by the government, while imported gas prices will be market based. Domestic gas supplies are now stagnant at 4 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd), and deficiencies in excess of 2bcfd are partially linked through LNG imports.

This new model was designed by a consultant with the support of the World Bank to ensure that customers anywhere in the network can obtain gas with supply security and improved survival and sustainability in line with the provisions of the Constitution in relation to the supply of domestic gas resources.

The federal government understands that the new structure reflects local government concerns and that all costs of providing regasified LNG should be borne by the customer, without any burden on the consumer, not the RLNG. These principles are set by CCI, but actual implementation of tariffs and market structures involves a second tier of public hearings by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) mechanism.

Ogra's third party access rules

This will be done through Ogra's third party access rules, and buyers can use an off-the-shelf delivery system for shipping rates to enter into agreements with suppliers. Larger consumers can freely choose their choice of provider. The Center expects this move will lead to competition and transparency in the cost allocation among LNG importers. The four local distribution companies that were created without separating SNGPL and SSGC will help to allocate locally produced gas to their customers.

Each distribution company has the exclusive right to serve small consumers in the region, as is the case today. Independent consultant KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co concluded that by 2026, four reform models would result in an average cost increase of 170 to 330% for end-users (mostly residential and commercial), but prices would be lower than their incomes RLNG.

The government opposed the tariff hike on tandoors

In public shame about prices for lepers and bread crumbs, the government opposed the tariff hike on tandoors on Wednesday. In addition, 10% tariffs (RD) were imposed on cotton imports to increase future yields. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC), chaired by Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. From 1 July 2019, the ECC has approved the proposal submitted by the Department of Energy to revise gas prices for flame mines, which will make the public more interested.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday nominated relevant ministries to immediately lower the gas prices of tandoors that could cope with public instability. Senior officials said gas price cuts will be met by public funds. The ministry added that it would provide the gas company with a subsidy to compensate for the loss of income by paying Rs 1.5 billion in compensation.

He said gas tariffs for tandoor would be reduced to Rs700 per million British thermal units (mmBtu) for consumption exceeding 300 cubic meters instead of Rs1,283 per mmBtu based on the increase in roti and naan prices by the owner Rs3 He said. 5.

10pc duties on cotton imports

Similarly, the ratio for compact tandoors has been reduced to Rs110 for 100 cubic meters, Rs220 for 100 cubic meters, and Rs300 per mmBtu, Rs300 per mmBtu and Rs300 for 200 cubic meters instead of Rs553 per mmBtu. This decision did not change wheat prices, which contributed 55-60% to the price of roti, and gas rates that contribute 20-25% to the roti price were determined, although not yet announced. New tariffs that entered into force on July 1, 2019.

Based on this decision, a detailed survey of the nation's tandoors will be conducted to ensure that the benefits of the gas tariff amendment are applied to stand-alone tandoors or roadside restaurants for the poor and that unreasonable benefits will not be delivered. On the tandoors of a large restaurant. The ECC Congress has requested local governments and authorities to have effective price controls to ensure the sale of roti at existing prices.

And if tandoor owners fail to deliver the benefits of reduced gas prices, they decide to review the decision three months later. did. General people. A report on the wheat situation in Australia was submitted to the ECC, which allowed Passco and the local food department to use 7.635 million tons of total inventory.

It has been observed that the market's roti and naan prices will decline in the aftermath of the ban on wheat and flour exports, with wheat prices falling sharply in the market.

Research on cotton imports

In a summary compiled by the National Food Security and Research Ministry, ECC decided to impose a 10pc RD on cotton imports. The meeting gained information that cotton production and cotton cultivation areas have continued to decline over the past several years. Production dropped from more than 13m over two or three years ago to less than 10m from last harvest and required more than 450 tons of fiber, including a 1.5m veil of extra long staples not produced to meet domestic and export demand.

I would like to encourage impossible cotton cultivation if farmers can not offer better conditions by reducing their imports because of the low production last year. Cotton sowing is not a good sign that imports have not been encouraged over the past six months. The ECC also approved the implementation of the "Authorized Economic Operator Program" (AEO) envisaged under Customs Act 212 A (1) in 1969 by the ECC.

The decision is a requirement of the World Customs Organization for the standardized movement of goods for international trade. The ECC also allowed two LNG regasification terminals (Terminal 1, Engr Elengy Terminal Private Restrictions and Terminal 2 Pakistan Gas Port Consortium Limited) to assign the terminal's regasification capability to a third party on a commercial basis. Mutually agreed actions without affecting the supply.

Pakistan Railway Told The Supreme Court on Wednesday

Pakistan Railway Told The Supreme Court on Wednesday
The Pakistan Railway (PR) told the Supreme Court Wednesday that it acquired 141 acres of the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore at Messrs Fergusson on July 7. Following the June 28 order of the Noon Court, the Railroad Ministry was in charge of the elite club. The court illegally argued that it would lease 141 acres of railroad land to Maxcorp / Mainland Husnain Pakistan to develop a private elite club.

Pakistan Railway with all its assets

The court ordered the land to be returned to the Pakistan Railway with all its assets and infrastructure. It therefore offers dining and golf courses, gymnasium, sports activities, swimming pool, cinema hall and already booked wedding facilities. The court said that such activities would be strictly followed by reservation orders. According to the court order, A.F. Ferguson and Co CPA required transfer of all records and transfer of club administration within one week.

During the pre-split period, the state permanently rented major buildings on the Canal Bank Road in Lahore to railroads. The debate is centered around land leasing in an opaque way. The golf club was established to provide recreational facilities for railway employees. The club consists of 18-hole golf courses, accommodation for swimming pools, clubhouses and railway personnel.

In 2000, a decision was made to provide stakeholders with a club on the commercial line to financially refurbish, redesign, develop and manage the business. The Supreme Court ruling went to a joint petition jointly chaired by Ishaq Khan Khakwani, the central PTI leader in 2011, and one of the founding members of the Railway Commission as well as PPP Dr Mobashir Hassan.

Pakistan Railways is known to violate the principles agreed by the Pakistani Railway Authority to develop the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore. In his report before Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, the Chief Justice explained that all relevant records and materials related to the railways were provided to the forensic audit team for each crime. Queries submitted by the audit team

Documentation to ensure

It also provided a copy of all the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth audit of the club, and IT support was provided to enable older and outdated servers to retrieve older databases. On July 18 the process of inviting proposals for recruitment of consultants for transaction advisory services was initiated and the appropriate mechanisms for hiring consultants were adopted in accordance with Procurement of Consulting Services (Procurement in 2010) Has been adopted.

According to the report, the executive committee, run by the senior executive officer, senior management and senior railway chief, is organized to carry out the club's duties. According to the report, only two of the club golf carts are operational, but railway technicians and technicians are working hard to fix the order. course.

Likewise, 391 employees working for the club were retained by the new management team and the monthly salary of Rs 8.3 million was paid on time. The report also noted that bills and other operational expenses are being met by club revenues and there are no defaults for club suppliers.

All members of the club were convinced that through social media, CEOs / senior managers will be committed to rigorously protecting and improving their membership and facilities in accordance with the convention.

Pouring rainwater has entered many low lying areas and towns

The pouring rainwater has entered many low-lying areas and towns on the outskirts of the city, and part of the Karachi-Hyderabad highway, also called M9, has been flooded and closed for about five hours on Tuesday. Government officials have not been identified, but flooding of the M9 has been reported to have been caused by a past Thaddeo dam invasion. After about 11 o'clock, we had to close the 1.5 - kilometer section of the M9, which was diverted from another track," a Motorway police spokesman said.

Karachi receives 164.9 mm (6.4 inches) of rain for two days. According to him, the situation gradually improved when the rain stopped and the water pressure decreased after a few hours. The water slowly went to the drainage line to find the way," he said. He added that part was open until 4 pm. In one question, he said he could not confirm that the flood had occurred in violation of a nearby dam, but said it was clearly overflowing.

As a result of visiting the site, suddenly the drainage hole was too small, resulting in rapid water flow and closing of the track. Certain road tracks with floods are located opposite the residential community of Saadi Town, with similar floods in the past several times. You can see rainwater pouring into the drainpipe as a housing society built in the lowlands.

It has also entered homes on riverside rivers that have been flooded by other low-lying communities and villages adjacent to the northern bypass, and by the constant rains of the past two days. It is important to note that whenever Karachi experiences massive downpour, floods occur regularly in the city and in some parts of its suburbs.

Experts often criticize this situation for the government not to protect and preserve natural drainage in cities that are completely closed or blocked due to unplanned development. In addition, the city could not develop a proper solid waste management system, including regular cleaning of existing sewers in Karachi. Dr. Noman Ahmed, a seasoned architect and city planner, said, Areas north and northeast of the city suburb have distinct terrain, which is a significant difference in land level.

Some of these areas were for livestock

For decades, some of these areas were for livestock, and others were located near waters for agriculture, he said. This terrain was well protected until the seventies, and the drain was built when the roads / freeways were built in rainy areas. However, this strategy changed later when projects such as Scheme 33, Saadi Town, etc. were violated. According to plan 33, only land was allocated and no preparation was made for natural drainage.

He pointed out that by extracting large quantities of sand along rivers and drainage lines, it seriously damaged the natural barriers of the city, receiving the same effects of new housing communities such as Bahria Town and DHA City. In the design of the M9, he said: "The present situation must play a role in opening the track.

The track must be designed in such a way that it can withstand all weather conditions. I should have known that I was imprisoned in this house. Asked about dam infringements that contributed to the overflow of the track, he said it was possible because there were several local reservoirs outside the city, which could have flooded and flooded the lowlands.

The big cities

The big cities predicted cloudy weather and rainy / rainy days on Wednesday. During two days of rainfall, the metro office recorded a maximum of 164.9 millimeters (6.4 inches) in Suzanne, followed by a 149 mm (5.8 inches) rain in Sadar. Total offices are 78mm in Gulshan-i-Hadeed, 88mm in North Karachi, 65mm in Najimabad, 59 in Landhi, 62.3 in Old District (Airport), 79.4mm in Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Maruru base 82mm.