The US and Pakistan Could Further Strengthen Bilateral Trade

The United States and Pakistan could further strengthen bilateral trade if their bilateral strategic relations continue to improve, a White House official said Tuesday. The fact-finding report, "Efforts for Peace and Stability: Building Economic Prosperity," noted that the United States and Pakistan are enjoying strong economic partnerships that benefit both countries.

Pakistan and the United States set new records

Officials pointed out that Pakistan and the United States set new records for bilateral trade, trading $ 6.6 billion worth of goods last year. The document acknowledges Pakistan's role in Afghanistan's peace process and stressed that it will benefit from promoting trade between Latin America and the United States, while encouraging Islamabad to transit trade between India and Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump expressed his desire to promote trade with Pakistan on July 22, asking for a briefing on what his government would be willing to boost the Pakistani economy. Yes, I am seeing good trade with Pakistan, and I am not talking a little bit, I am saying that we can do what we are doing 10 times, or even 20 times," he said. Pakistan is a big country.

It is actually a very large country and has a huge product. They make great products. I have been buying things in Pakistan for years in the private sector, they make incredible products, they are great people, they are people who work hard. He said he believes the United States and Pakistan can have "good trade relations. I do not mean we will increase it by 20 percent. I mean, I think we can quadruple it.

I think it can go - I mean literally, it sounds crazy - you can go 10 times more. You can go 20 times more. He believed in the trade proliferation with Pakistan, saying, "We do not have much work now, and we have to do a lot," he believed in trade with Pakistan.

Trump 's statement and the White Houses

Trump 's statement and the White Houses statement support Islamabad 's claim that Prime Minister Imran Khan' s visit to the United States was successful, but he emphasizes key issues that need to be addressed to further strengthen this relationship. This document Pakistan also purchased about 22.8 billion cubic feet of US liquefied natural gas during the same period.

ExxonMobil re-established its presence in Pakistan in 2018, 27 years later, and is working to increase its LNG imports. Afghanistan focuses more on economic relations than recent statements by US officials focused more on Pakistan's cooperation for peace recovery. US energy producers are getting more and more business opportunities with Pakistan, and US companies are adding state-of-the-art technology to energy projects across Pakistan, the report adds.

Donald Trump, the US spokesman

Donald Trump warned China not to wait for the trade talks with Washington on Tuesday, just as the negotiations began in Shanghai to resume negotiations with the Chinese government. Our team is currently negotiating with them, but eventually the deal will eventually go back to profit," Trump tweeted. China has had the worst day of the 27th, it has begun to buy agricultural products, it's China, and they just can not get through.

Trump spokesman said the talks were the first face-to-face negotiations since China's Prime Minister Xi Jinping signed an armistice agreement at the June G20 summit. Washington and Beijing are hitting each other with more than $ 360 billion in punitive tariffs in bilateral trade. The economy in China is much bigger than in the last three years, Trump warned.

The US president suggested China should wait for our elections to see if it gets one of the stiffnesses of Democrats like Sleepy Joe. Then they were able to do as much as they did in the last 30 years and continue to... Continue to make bigger and better American leaps than ever. It is a reference to the 2020 presidential election and former Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

But the problem they are waiting for is that when I win, the deal they get will be much harder than what we're negotiating right now. We have all the cards, and past leaders never got it! "He added. Trump told reporters, "We will do great things, or we will not negotiate at all.

He also reiterated his position that China hopes to postpone negotiations until the end of next year's elections. They said Trump will be defeated and will be stiff.

The KSE-100 fell 76.11 points

The KSE-100 fell 76.11 points (0.24 percent) to 52.5 points, down 31.568.12, the second day. During the month in progress, the 100 index fell 6.62pc monthly, the worst monthly performance in CY19. Investors did not show any risk appetite and decided to stick to safer bond securities despite the undervaluation of stocks at record lows.

The market is in dire need of establishing confidence in countermeasures in the face of continuing fights between the government and opposition parties and concerns about the economy due to the implementation of the IMF structural response. Investor sentiment has slowed due to the overall slowdown in corporate performance.

Analysts paid RMB 200 billion to reduce their cyclical debt despite government announcements related to the issuance of Pakistani energy Sukuk-II, but independent power producers remained negative. The index gained 40 points in early trading, but after a steep decline, it rose 248 points during daytime.

While sales pressure was under pressure from Cherat Cement, Pioneer, Fauji, Kohat and D.G Khan, the cement industry could not find a footing and sold across the cement industry without getting ahead of sales for the index. Investors also earned money from banks that saw the National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) and United Bank Ltd ending up in a deficit.

The Trading value

Transactions increased from 45.8 million to 51.3 million (12 pc daily increase). Trading value also rose 40 percent to $ 13.2 million, compared with $ 9.4 million the previous day. Maple Leaf Cement Plant, TRG Pakistan, K-Electric, Fauji Cement (FCCL) and Pak Elektron accounted for 35%.

The National Clearing Company reported that mutual funds suggested a $ 15 million stock disposal possibility, while foreign investors' share buybacks were resumed on Tuesday to $ 2.74 million, according to data from the National Clearing Company.

Major latecomers were Pak Tobacco at 4.14pc, HBL at 1.12pc, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd at 1.22p, Oil and Gas Development Company at 0.99p, Nestle Pakistan at 4.69pc, Bank Al Habib Ltd at 1.04pc and FCCL at 4.88pc.
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