What If You Could Hire Somebody to Save a Job

Summer is in full swing. Old AC at home probably does not know how to get service because there is no gas. What if you could hire somebody to save a job and choose a technician based on your skills and rates? Do you think it's too good to be true? Perhaps this is not the case because it is a proposal for entrepreneurship based on Lahore.

Application development

Supertasker is an online marketplace where you can outsource everything from basic handymen to application development. How does it work? If you want something, download the app, sign up for a poster with a verified phone number, and upload your job ads. To register as a worker, you'll need to upload a CNIC photo and selfie to get additional verification along with your payment channel details.

For an operator, the profile is very similar to a freelance website, such as Behance or Fiverr, and contains details such as portfolio, skill, and completion rate. The poster can enter a title, description, and budget that other advertisers can provide, negotiate a rate, and then they can reach an agreement. You can filter searches by speed, location, and distance range, and where in-app chat is available to connect parties.

Once the transaction is completed and the job is assigned to a designated worker, the poster must choose a payment method from bank transfer, credit / debit card, JazzCash or cash payment (CoD). If CoD is selected, payment is handled between the parties' post-duties, but for online channels, Supertasker will test the escrow model by charging posters before the work and paying executive commission adjustments after completion.

What if I do not get it right? In this case, the dispute can be registered and you will receive a full refund. Currently, the Supertaser has a total of 70,000 users who have posted more than 19,000 jobs since its launch, and it lives in the country but is commonly used in the usual cities (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad). Places such as Gujranwala and Hyderabad.

Abdul Wasay Waraich CEO

Abdul Wasay Waraich CEO found that a portal was needed when setting up an office. We are constantly interacting with workers, facing delays, and discovering a gap that can be tapped by it, recalls. Soon he founded Supertasker.pk with Shahid Sajjad and started commercial in November 2018. Previously, Waraich made a small exit through the CarButlers that started Car Wash. Supertasker has a simple business model: the use of posters is free, but a 20 percent fee is charged to each person for each completed job.

To get money into the blue collar market, the app also has a version of Urdu, but Waraich is very limited in its use and plans to introduce Latin Urdu. How good is it to introduce a commission-based model when a major corporation like OLX already connects demand and supply without charge in a game with a technician trying to replace the middle class?

OLX can be used for recruitment, but it still remains a classified Web site that is by far the most unfavorable for this purpose, and it does so with an external link to two parties that have no responsibility at all. "Explains the CEO. Way? "We have a validation system when registering investigators and storing their details so that when an accident happens.

Even for the purpose of blocking their account for the future or helping the state body in case of robbery (God forbid). There is no check and balance, "he adds. However, Supertasker is not the only player in the (mostly) blue collar jobs and the narrow technical field of strange jobs. A large number of participants have tried to create portals for flexible shows such as Sukoon.com or Mauqa. online.

How is Waraich and CO different from the rest? "Sukoon, as far as I know, there were people who paid, but Mauqa offered a fixed service, and both offered very limited services. On the other hand, we posted what they wanted, It gives you freedom to negotiate.

Market Stock Control

Bears took control of the stock market for three consecutive weeks. The KSE-100 dropped 356 points (1.10 percent) to 32,103 points. After President Imam Khan's visit to the United States, which President Trump has hinted at restoring the $ 1.3 billion Coalition Support Fund (CSF), investors maintained a positive trajectory for the first two days. However, as the market began to look back on negative factors including uncertainty about the weak macro indicators, the rally could not continue at the second meeting.

Large-scale manufacturing (LSM) saw a 3.7% year-on-year decline, while Pakistan's central bank foreign exchange reserves fell $ 389 million to $ 760 million. The financial results announced by Habib Bank Ltd and Pak Suzuki were both pioneers of malicious news, with disappointing results. In addition, weak numbers are expected in cyclical sectors such as cement, steel and automobiles.

The rise in frontal temperatures, which the opposition attempted to draw up support for the government and show unreliable moves toward Senators, has weakened investor sentiment while strengthening the accountability process at the National Accountability Bureau.

Finally, the participation in Pakistani investment bonds (the amount received over the past three years: from 14.25pc to 14.25pc in the last auction, to 13.70pc in the last auction, R $ 12.43bn. Foreign purchases were $ 8.4 million, compared with $ 6.4 million worth of stock purchases in the previous week. The influx of commercial banks was $ 5.6 million and the cement was $ 2.3 million.

The main sales in the domestic market were mutual funds of $ 13.4 million and businesses of $ 1.2 million. The net cumulative sales of mutual funds in CY19 reached a high of $ 157.69 million. Foreign buyers have now helped block liquidity with current net buying of $ 744 million. The average volume per week was 75m (down 29pc weekly) and the average value fell by 21m (13pw Wow).

Sectors, power and retailers lowered the index by 71 points, while food and oil marketing companies had accumulated 177 points in the index. The bank was heavier, including exploration and production, cement and fertilizer. 48, Engro Corporation 47, Nestle Pakistan 31, Mari Petroleum 31, Pak Tobacco 27, and so on.

Despite valuation merits, market volatility is expected to continue. The financial results of a big ticket company will come in.
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