Coach of the Pakistan Cricket Councils Cricket Committee

Mickey Arthur, coach of the Pakistan Cricket Council's cricket committee, who is most likely to stay in the 2020 T20 World Cup this past Friday to discuss the performance of the national team and its officials over the last four years. The committee said Thursday that it will send its recommendations to Ehsan Mani PCB chairman and will decide on Thursday's coach and new national selection committee.

Organize a new selection committee

The main focus of this meeting in Lahore is to organize a new selection committee and make recommendations for the future of the national representative, since the national team's claim is the authority of the PCB chairman and does not belong to the area of ​​the cricket committee. coach. Although Arthur already serves the PCB, Dawn has found that the head coach has received excellent support in certain quarters that have a significant impact on PCB decisions.

PCB Cricket Council meets today. The T20 World Cup will be held in Australia from October to November 2020. Pakistan did not qualify for a lower net run-rate compared to New Zealand at the recently held ICC World Cup semi-final but the team made a comeback at the mega event, taking a sluggish departure. Notable accomplishments (by the team) by the lobby supporting Arthur's case.

The same lobby also raised the point where Pakistan won Arthur's 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. Since the Inzamam-ul-Haq has already announced that he will no longer find his top chief after the World Cup, the Cricket Council will have to make recommendations for a new team. Interested cricketers in this regard are lobbying in Islamabad and seem to play an important role in deciding on the next chief selection.

In recent media talk, PCB director Wasim Khan said that two models are being considered for the optional panel. First, the existing model and the second chairman, together with three elected committee members, will be elected chiefs, along with the chief coach of the new national system proposals of the six local teams serving as members of the selection committee.

New proposed domestic system

Interestingly, the new proposed domestic system is at an early stage. It is unlikely that a second model will be introduced to announce the name of the new selection committee, as Pakistan's next international task is not far away. They are scheduled to face Sri Lanka in this October home test series.

Under the proposed new system for domestic cricket, six state attire is now included in first class cricket instead of 16 teams 8 teams in the division and region. However, PCBs are unlikely to move to this year because the maintenance proposal is still in its infancy. Meanwhile, there will be no press briefing after the Cricket Committee meeting on Friday.

Wasim Khan will be the chairman of this meeting, and former Pakistani ally Misbah-ul-Haq and female captain Urooj Mumtaz will attend the committee. However, the former Pakistani captain, Wasim Akram, will not be able to attend this meeting, but will share the video link. Three PCB representatives - International Zakir Khan Director, Haroon Rasheed Director and Mudassar Nazar Supervisor - attend the meeting as directors.

Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mickey Arthur and Sarfraz Ahmed will also be present at this meeting," the PCB press release said. The agenda of the PCB Cricket Committee meeting includes reviews of U-16 and U-19 teams as well as Pakistani male and female teams and the recommendation of the PCB chairperson.

Mohammad Amir's retirement from test cricket

Mohammad Amir's retirement from test cricket at the age of 27 may have shocked many, but Pakistan's coach Mickey Arthur said Amir's test career was "feeling tense" At least I was surprised. Arthur also said the left-wing analgesics were "talking about retirement" for some time and reluctantly agreed with Amir's decision. I've been on the cards for a long time, Amir was talking about it with me for a while, and his test career was tense to his body, not the management here.

It's about his testicles and his aspiration to influence his body "Arthur has been quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. I thought Amir was an unbelievable bowler and reluctantly accepted his decision because it was what he wanted to do and he thought it was the best for him. It's a white ball pitcher. Amir was not involved in a fierce scandal in 2010 and was not able to play an international cricket for five years.

Arthur said that being banned for five years did damage cricket players because he was not prepared to deal with the rigors of the cricket. He has played five years, but he must not forget, for five years he did not do anything - his body did not meet the rigors of today's day, test cricket, he pushed him as much as he could in the English and South African series.

He said that because of the good gathering we had during the tour, we tried everything we could do with Amir. He was able to better manage those five years, he would be the first person to admit it, but I understand where he was during his lifetime, so it was a tough time for him. Yes, I am disappointed that he will not do cricket testing for us, but he has made the profit of a white ball cricket in mind, said Amir.

Former great Kapil Dev

Former great Kapil Dev, who leads the three cricket advisory committees (CAC) to appoint the next head coach, said with his colleague, Shantha Rangaswamy, that we should respect the opinion of Indian captain Virat Kohli. However, the former India captain, who won the World Cup, was confident that his panel would do his job well by exercising his full potential. Corelli did not hide from his press conference earlier this week that he wanted to see Ravi Shastri, the current director, get another term.

President Kapil said Thursday that we should respect everyone's opinions. Prior to traveling on the West Indies, Corelli already made clear to her that she had a good friendship with Chastree, supporting her until the World Cup in 2020. This time the CAC composed of Kapil, Anushuman Gaekwad and Shantha Rangaswamy will elect a head coach with an application deadline ending on Tuesday.

Shastri, who is incumbent, will automatically fill in the selection process. There is also a report that Shastri will be expanded as all eyes will be on the Kapil Dev-led committee before the CAC assembles to interview applicants. It 's not difficult," he said, "you can do your job to the fullest.
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