Future of Womens Golf is Being Discussed at the Curtain

Once a year, the future of women's golf is being discussed at the curtain racing press conference of the Sad Golf Association (SGA) Ladies Amateur Golf Championship. It is an annual ceremony. After the women's singles tournament, women's golfers will focus on opening the men's golf championship.

The second year SGA tournament

The second year SGA tournament is one of three events for women in Pakistan, organized by the Punjab Golf Association in Lahore and organized by the Islamabad Golf Association in Islamabad. It is one of three events for women who have become pregnant. This competition is the result of the Pakistan Golf Association (PGF) expanding the participation of female golfers nationwide and ultimately specializing in games.

Today's tee shot at the SGA Ladies amateur event

Humera Khalid, one of the women's winners, told a press conference at the Karachi Golf Club (KGC) that "women golfers will take time to turn to pros. We have PGF-sponsored seminars and camps to promote the game, and we are committed to improving the sport. In countries where a few male golfers have participated in an Asian tour, it is difficult for a female golfer to ask so hard.

It's a million times. Humera showed examples of two rising golfers going to the United States as Rimsha Ijaz and Parkha Ijaz's sister duo-sports scholarship. However, sports scholarships do not necessarily ensure that athletes have a professional career. Humera, however, is optimistic that there will be a change. We have 54 entrants across the country for the tournament, which shows that the attraction of golf among women is growing.

This is a small step that will help us achieve our goals. To improve the competitiveness of women's golf, the PGF has made it mandatory for the major golf championship women's event to occupy more than 36 holes instead of 18 holes. That and other moves are aimed at increasing the profile of women's golf.

KGC's lady captain Fawzia Naqvi said

This is a ranking match, and we are preparing to allow young women to play golf and ultimately compete internationally in schools and colleges. Fauzia informed the organizers that they included two new categories to enhance participation. This year we have included Category E for girls under 13." "I hope we can hunt the best players, raise the bride, train the best talents and go to the top level. 

There is category D for women golfers over 60 years of age. Other categories are A (handicap 0-13), category B (handicap 14-24), and category C (handicap 25-36). We have followed international standards with categories," Fauzia said. "Adding more tournaments is our goal, and through these initiatives we will go in that direction. SGA President Asad I.A.

Khan added that the SGC Secretariat is moving toward forming a women's department. Such an action may be helpful. But what is important is that women play golf at national golf clubs. It needs a little inspiration. Would not it be better to invite an international lady golfer to your country? We plan to hold the first PGF International Women's Competition next March.

Our plan is to involve eight international teams, and playing at that high level will encourage local women golfers to be more competitive. And perhaps the chance to pick the best professional player in Pakistan is only a millionth.

The Pakistan Cricket Council plans

The Pakistan Cricket Council plans to represent kickstart at the international level by promoting sports at the commercial level and providing solid infrastructure throughout the province, said Wasim Khan, PCB director director, on Friday. Wasim spoke at a press conference at Khan Bugti Cricket Stadium in Nawab Akbar after presiding over the meeting. Subhan Ahmed's PCB Chief Operating Officer and Akbar Khan Durrani's local Minister of State attended the meeting.

Wasim said it was proposed at the meeting to build a commercial complex around the Nawab Akbar Bugti Cricket Stadium, which could start commercial operations based on Lahore's Fortress and Gaddafi Stadiums patterns. Wasim said in the media that "all possible actions will be taken to provide a better infrastructure for the Nawab Bugti stadium and its surroundings.

Which will generate income for the stadium, in addition to helping to launch international cricket in Quatta. Developing the right infrastructure and a solid commercial base will get crickets from Balochistan," Wasim said. Quetta added that he could play some of the next Pakistani Super League T20 events.

Subhan said at this meeting that PCB will make a full-scale effort to promote cricket and promote its president to kick off the domestic and international cricket. Balochistan cricket will be included in the PCB review plan". After developing a new infrastructure, Quetta added that it would be able to host international games.

He said PCBs are helping other parts of Chisstan to improve their cricket stadiums. Wasim responded to the inquiry, saying that the decision has yet to be made regarding the future of national leader Sarfraz Ahmed and boss Mickey Arthur.
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