Pakistan Railway Told The Supreme Court on Wednesday

The Pakistan Railway (PR) told the Supreme Court Wednesday that it acquired 141 acres of the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore at Messrs Fergusson on July 7. Following the June 28 order of the Noon Court, the Railroad Ministry was in charge of the elite club. The court illegally argued that it would lease 141 acres of railroad land to Maxcorp / Mainland Husnain Pakistan to develop a private elite club.

Pakistan Railway with all its assets

The court ordered the land to be returned to the Pakistan Railway with all its assets and infrastructure. It therefore offers dining and golf courses, gymnasium, sports activities, swimming pool, cinema hall and already booked wedding facilities. The court said that such activities would be strictly followed by reservation orders. According to the court order, A.F. Ferguson and Co CPA required transfer of all records and transfer of club administration within one week.

During the pre-split period, the state permanently rented major buildings on the Canal Bank Road in Lahore to railroads. The debate is centered around land leasing in an opaque way. The golf club was established to provide recreational facilities for railway employees. The club consists of 18-hole golf courses, accommodation for swimming pools, clubhouses and railway personnel.

In 2000, a decision was made to provide stakeholders with a club on the commercial line to financially refurbish, redesign, develop and manage the business. The Supreme Court ruling went to a joint petition jointly chaired by Ishaq Khan Khakwani, the central PTI leader in 2011, and one of the founding members of the Railway Commission as well as PPP Dr Mobashir Hassan.

Pakistan Railways is known to violate the principles agreed by the Pakistani Railway Authority to develop the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore. In his report before Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed, the Chief Justice explained that all relevant records and materials related to the railways were provided to the forensic audit team for each crime. Queries submitted by the audit team

Documentation to ensure

It also provided a copy of all the necessary documentation to ensure a smooth audit of the club, and IT support was provided to enable older and outdated servers to retrieve older databases. On July 18 the process of inviting proposals for recruitment of consultants for transaction advisory services was initiated and the appropriate mechanisms for hiring consultants were adopted in accordance with Procurement of Consulting Services (Procurement in 2010) Has been adopted.

According to the report, the executive committee, run by the senior executive officer, senior management and senior railway chief, is organized to carry out the club's duties. According to the report, only two of the club golf carts are operational, but railway technicians and technicians are working hard to fix the order. course.

Likewise, 391 employees working for the club were retained by the new management team and the monthly salary of Rs 8.3 million was paid on time. The report also noted that bills and other operational expenses are being met by club revenues and there are no defaults for club suppliers.

All members of the club were convinced that through social media, CEOs / senior managers will be committed to rigorously protecting and improving their membership and facilities in accordance with the convention.

Pouring rainwater has entered many low lying areas and towns

The pouring rainwater has entered many low-lying areas and towns on the outskirts of the city, and part of the Karachi-Hyderabad highway, also called M9, has been flooded and closed for about five hours on Tuesday. Government officials have not been identified, but flooding of the M9 has been reported to have been caused by a past Thaddeo dam invasion. After about 11 o'clock, we had to close the 1.5 - kilometer section of the M9, which was diverted from another track," a Motorway police spokesman said.

Karachi receives 164.9 mm (6.4 inches) of rain for two days. According to him, the situation gradually improved when the rain stopped and the water pressure decreased after a few hours. The water slowly went to the drainage line to find the way," he said. He added that part was open until 4 pm. In one question, he said he could not confirm that the flood had occurred in violation of a nearby dam, but said it was clearly overflowing.

As a result of visiting the site, suddenly the drainage hole was too small, resulting in rapid water flow and closing of the track. Certain road tracks with floods are located opposite the residential community of Saadi Town, with similar floods in the past several times. You can see rainwater pouring into the drainpipe as a housing society built in the lowlands.

It has also entered homes on riverside rivers that have been flooded by other low-lying communities and villages adjacent to the northern bypass, and by the constant rains of the past two days. It is important to note that whenever Karachi experiences massive downpour, floods occur regularly in the city and in some parts of its suburbs.

Experts often criticize this situation for the government not to protect and preserve natural drainage in cities that are completely closed or blocked due to unplanned development. In addition, the city could not develop a proper solid waste management system, including regular cleaning of existing sewers in Karachi. Dr. Noman Ahmed, a seasoned architect and city planner, said, Areas north and northeast of the city suburb have distinct terrain, which is a significant difference in land level.

Some of these areas were for livestock

For decades, some of these areas were for livestock, and others were located near waters for agriculture, he said. This terrain was well protected until the seventies, and the drain was built when the roads / freeways were built in rainy areas. However, this strategy changed later when projects such as Scheme 33, Saadi Town, etc. were violated. According to plan 33, only land was allocated and no preparation was made for natural drainage.

He pointed out that by extracting large quantities of sand along rivers and drainage lines, it seriously damaged the natural barriers of the city, receiving the same effects of new housing communities such as Bahria Town and DHA City. In the design of the M9, he said: "The present situation must play a role in opening the track.

The track must be designed in such a way that it can withstand all weather conditions. I should have known that I was imprisoned in this house. Asked about dam infringements that contributed to the overflow of the track, he said it was possible because there were several local reservoirs outside the city, which could have flooded and flooded the lowlands.

The big cities

The big cities predicted cloudy weather and rainy / rainy days on Wednesday. During two days of rainfall, the metro office recorded a maximum of 164.9 millimeters (6.4 inches) in Suzanne, followed by a 149 mm (5.8 inches) rain in Sadar. Total offices are 78mm in Gulshan-i-Hadeed, 88mm in North Karachi, 65mm in Najimabad, 59 in Landhi, 62.3 in Old District (Airport), 79.4mm in Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Maruru base 82mm.
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