PM Imran Khan has Instructed the Capital Development Authority

Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration to develop the historic Buddha cave of Shah Allah Ditta. Sources said Khan gave instructions during a meeting at the prime minister's office on July 17 and ordered the two organizations to cooperate with the National History and Literacy Heritage Department.

Prime Minister to relevant ministries said

A subsequent letter from the Office of the Prime Minister to relevant ministries said the CDA and the ICT administration should cooperate with the Cabinet for cave development. The CDA chairman says tourism will be developed in harmony with national history and literary heritage ministry The director of the CDA and the director of the National Heritage and Literature Department said they had ordered them to take action to develop the site.

Amira Ali Ahmed, chairperson of the CDA chairman, said, "I was instructed to develop Buda caves to promote tourism. The prime minister was passionate about developing historical archaeological sites in the capital," he said. He added that the travel site will be developed in close cooperation with the ministry.

The Shah Allah Ditta cave has the potential to attract foreign tourists," the Secretary of State said, adding that the CDA and the ICT administration will work on civil engineering and other conveniences while the archeology department deals with site preservation. Syed Zeeshan Naqvi, Vice Mayor of PML-N, who lives in this area, announced that many past governments would develop the site, but said it was of no use.

In 2010, CDA prepared PC-I for site preservation and protection in addition to development of Sadhu ka Bagh, a tourist attraction near the cave. The project has not yet completed. This site is very important for Buddhist followers ... Foreign tourists who visit here complain regularly about neglected sites," he added, adding that the prime minister is a "positive signal" if he expresses interest in the cave.

boasted Buddhist murals

He said that the caves boasted Buddhist murals 2500 years ago. Secretary General Syed Junaid Akhlaq of the National History and Literature Heritage Division said the archaeological department would play a role in preserving these sites. These are protected areas, and the archeology department is already carrying out a small project to improve and preserve it," he said.

After the prime minister's instructions, all the relevant departments will do our part to develop this site," added Evacuee Trust Property Board Adding that the archaeologists are working closely with them. The Shah Allah Ditta cave dates back to the Stone Age.

Archaeologists say caves and rock shelters were first used by humans in the Stone Age. Caves have been used in many eras, and wall-resident frescoes represent images of Hindu gods, and the stream in front of the caves shows that the site used Hinduism before partitioning.

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority

Nepra (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority) instructed all distributors (Discos) to streamline their work and replace defective transformers immediately without paying consumers. In a statement, the regulator said that Discos could not repair or replace the damaged distribution transformers from time to time, especially because the consumer suffered during the summer.

Second, I noticed that Disos executives / officials requested payment to affected consumers for replacement of related distribution equipment. This is considered a violation of the Consumer Service Manual and Nepra Licensing (Distribution) Rules 1999," the statement said. Nepra therefore instructed Disos to take the necessary steps to ensure that damaged distribution equipment and transformers were repaired or replaced.

Disco has been instructed to take necessary actions under the relevant laws for distribution company executives and officials who received money from consumers other than that provided by law. The regulatory authorities also asked the company to take the necessary measures to not require consumers to pay for replacement of the relevant distribution equipment other than those prescribed by law.

The Alaska Pakistan Club

The Alaska Pakistan Club announced on Thursday that a total of 19 mountaineers have adjusted the K2. Climbers climbed to the summit between 3 am and 7 am. Successful climbers were from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Nepal, Brazil, Argentina, the United States and Pakistan. Three of the Pakistanis were among those who conquered the barren mountains of 8,611 meters. Sajid Ali Sadpara summoned Dilawar Hussain at 7:10 am and Yousuf Hushe at 7:20 am at 6:30 am.

The ACP has announced that Nirmal Purja has been arrested for 10 / 8,000 people in just three months since it was counted at the Annapurna summit in Nepal on April 23. Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez rose without oxygen supplementation, ACP said. Also, many climbers went to the top after opening and fixing the ropes," Harry said.

The ACP also noted that Maria Cardell's husband, Denis Urubko, who had already settled on Gasherbrum II, plans to open a new path in the mountains. Contrary to their original plan, due to back injury, she will not join him and he will climb alone. An American climber fell from a height near Uzum Brakk in the Biafo Hispar glacier and was immediately evacuated to Skardu and suffered a severe back injury.

The ACP said Michelle Marco suffered multiple injuries from the fall. She and her fellow American climber Patrick Light escaped for treatment and trauma treatment. Two helicopters were successfully evacuated from a 15,000-foot Uzum Brakk by a military helicopter. An injured climber saved his life in a timely and timely manner," said Karrar Haidri.
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