The Proposal by US President Donald Trump

The proposal by US President Donald Trump to resolve the Kashmir dispute can be seen in the backdrop of the United States' desire to help improve relations between India and Pakistan. In a press briefing on Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit last week, the official reiterated the US proposal that India and Pakistan could resolve a 70-year-old conflict.

Financial Action Task Force

Officials also stressed the obligation to implement the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which threatens to blacklist Islamabad if Pakistan does not eradicate terrorist financing. An official said that the US's ability to encourage constructive dialogue between India and Pakistan, regardless of Kashmir or other bilateral issues, would be a function of Pakistan's continuing and irreversible action on armed forces and terrorists in its territory.

Obviously it is everyone's interest to improve the relationship between India and Pakistan, and the proposal of the President of the United States is made in recognition of that fact. State Department emphasizes compliance with FATF. We acknowledge that Kashmir was an issue between our two countries, but we acknowledge that Pakistan has an opportunity to be confident in its efforts to combat terrorism and ultimately to have a constructive dialogue.

It is ready to support if requested. At a White House press conference with Prime Minister Khan on July 22, President Trump said he was willing to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. If I can help, I will want to be a mediator," Trump said, answering questions from Pakistani journalists.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I was with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this topic (Kashmir), do you really want to be a mediator or an arbiter?" (Modi) Kashmir, "Mr. Trump explained. This statement prompted the opposition party to storm India on why Modi asked the US President to act in rebellion and explain why he did it. The Indian government has demanded Trump to mediate Kashmir, adding that India maintains its traditional position that it will not accept third-party arbitration for disputes with Pakistan.

On July 24, Trump 's economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, rejected the proposal that his boss claimed the allegations that Indian President demanded to mediate in Kashmir. The president does not make anything, I think it's a very rude question," he told the reporter at the White House briefing. In a State Department briefing Wednesday, a senior US official backed Trump 's offer, but the follow - up said Pakistan depends on actions taken to eradicate terrorism now in the region.

Officials said the prime minister said the prime minister had the opportunity to discuss his government's vision for both countries and how the United States could support Pakistan in doing so. Pakistani officials say Pakistan is strictly guarding its "non-trade support" policy, adding that during the visit, the prime minister did not seek financial support from the United States.

The United States has prepared Pakistan to achieve this, and the delegation will visit Islamabad for this purpose, the official added. Officials also said Pakistan's obligation to fly-based FATF was discussed at a meeting with President Trump and a separate meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The US alliance on this issue depends on how Islamabad implements its own action plan, the official added.

The British Pound said on Friday

European Union Chief Executive Jean-Claude Juncker gave the new British Prime Minister Franz Boris Johnson the best and only Brexit convention forged by his predecessor. Juncker told Johnson on Thursday that the EU would analyze all the ideas proposed by the UK if it were compatible with the withdrawal agreement. Johnson renewed his commitment this week to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and promise not to promise or promise a deal with the EU on October 31.

He also said that the so-called Northern Ireland backstab should be abolished to avoid the elderly Brexit. Unless a future agreement is reached to maintain the land border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, the UK must adopt some EU rules. The current invisible border between Britain and the European Union is the only border crossing with Britain.

Johnson under Britain may lead to Brexit without any deals Interest has passed a sterling plunge, though this move is minimal, after investors rushed to prices from the government under the eurozone face of the 2016 Brexit campaign. Brexit's stalemate has already created its ugly head during the presidency of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The deadlock heightened market concerns over the prospect of Brexit not trading, It is rooted, stronger than the US dollar, "said Han Tan, an analyst with FXTM. The Sterling fell 0.1 percent to $ 1.2437 per share from $ 1.2522 a share. With the fear of negotiations with Brexit, last week 's pound was at 1.2382, the lowest level in 27 months.

Banks say the pound could fall to $ 1.00 if a sudden disruption in the UK 's largest trading partner, the European Union (EU). The pound against the euro was little changed by 89.53 pence. The Bank of England will make monetary policy decisions next Thursday.

Few economists expect some banks to change interest rates at the current 0.75pc. However, it will focus on whether policymakers are evaluating the current recession in the UK and justifying the rate cut. The Money Market will be reduced by 25bp by June 2020.
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