Government Spokesman Ashikh Awan Said on Wednesday

Government spokesman Ashikh Awan said Wednesday that Prime Minister Imran Khan told the Punjab government that "Nawaz Sharif will receive the best treatment for his family's wishes. In a Twitter article, she said the prime minister found a detailed report on the former best health from the Punjab government. Awan also said that the prime minister prayed for "Sharif and wanted him a quick recovery.

Nawaz was taken to a hospital for services

Nawaz was taken to a hospital for services late Monday night after his condition worsened, which was confirmed by a new inspection by the government. Dr Mahmood Ayaz, director of the multidisciplinary medical committee of the service hospital, told us that the former top body had drastically dropped the cells responsible for blood clotting (platelets). Yesterday we performed platelet transfusion.

Today, his condition has improved considerably. Our board convened today and recommended some more tests. We will give better opinions when the results come out," he said. When the board asked why Nawaz could have experienced a sudden platelet loss, Dr. Ayaz replied that blood tests were directed for that purpose for negative purposes.

This committee will be convened again this evening. We hold meetings two or three times a day so there's no shortage of diagnosis and follow-up. Dr. Ayaz said he is monitoring platelet counts and, if deemed necessary, will conduct another blood transfusion to maintain the desired level of platelets. He said Nawaz's health is "normal" otherwise.

NAB condemns 'responsible and groundless claims

In a press release issued today, the National Accountability Bureau strongly condemned the irresponsible and unfounded claims that Nawaz's transfer to the hospital was delayed. As soon as Nawaz Sharif moved from Cottrakpat prison to Lahore prison, a modern cardiac ambulance was arranged with three doctors at the Punjab Heart Hospital (PIC) to cope with an emergency medical situation.

The NAB statement states, “In addition, we have an authorized physician who is available 24 hours a day, at the NAB Lahore Clinic and we have already received Rescue 1122 ambulance service. The anti-corruption watchdog claims that it is "strongly rejected" of everything, "unfounded, crafted, and all that contradicts true political propaganda.

NAB also rejected the notion that Nawaz could not see or receive treatment for his personal doctor, Adnan. The Bureau recalled that three times Dr. Adnan met Nawaz, that is, samples for various tests were also collected on October 11, 19 and 21. What Nawaz Sharif is taking regularly is a drug prescribed only by Dr. Adnan.

They were sent in packets with food every day," he said. NAB said in a statement that Nawaz decided not to use medical facilities, including doctors, paramedics, and ambulances. He maintained the paradox to avoid a doctor's check other than Dr. Adnan while he was in custody of the NAB in Lahore.

A special paramedic at Sharif Medical Complex was called to get blood samples even. So the arguments opposed by some of the elements are just products of imagination. The Secretariat sought to clarify that in a statement Monday, Dr. Adnan warned NAB about unsatisfactory laboratory results at 8:41, but failed to provide a copy of the report and that the results came only through a tweet at 9:00. Became known.

As soon as NAB acted to move Nawaz to the hospital

Nawaz continued to oppose this move. The establishment of the board of directors, special room arrangements and special routes for travel were all quickly arranged, and Shahbaz Sharif was allowed to meet him, whom Nawaz agreed to go. I spent more than an hour preparing to go to the hospital, including packaging," he said in a statement.

Facilitated Fascist Government

I don't think it's time for Mariyum to respond," said PML-N spokesman Marriyum Aurangzeb, who rebutted Awan's comments. These delegates are not worth it, and it's better not to respond. Regarding NAB, Aurangzeb said, "The station is not MBBS certified and cannot do everything it wants.

She confirmed that tests were underway to investigate the drop in Nawaz platelet levels. We warned the authorities several times about his loss of health, but each time I blinded the matter. The PML-N leader said, “The current government is cold and fascist.

Pakistan Medical & Dental Council

On Wednesday, lawyers from different political parties expressed solidarity with fired employees by visiting protest camps set up outside the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) building. Lawmakers have promised to take all possible steps to reject the newly announced Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance in 2019. They urged the government to provide jobs to the public without losing their jobs.

Announced last week by Pakistani President Dr. Arif Alvi, the ordinance not only gave autonomy to private medical schools, but also halted the service of about 220 PMDC employees. PMDC paved the way for the establishment of a new organization called the Pakistan Central Committee (PMC). As the Health Department sealed off the council building, the staff began to sit outside the building and set up a protest camp there.

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri

Deputy Secretary-General of the Senate Jami-F (Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl), told protesters that the matter would be raised immediately in the National Assembly. It is not justified that many employees have been terminated. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's doctors are also suffering and demonstrating against the unfair and cruel policy of the PTI (Petist Tehreek-i-Insaf) government.

Pakistan's Senator Sherry, who refused the previous PMDC bylaws before the August 29 PM ordinance, ensured that he would make every possible effort to resolve the issue. People sitting outside Pakistan should not force people on their own will. Unfortunately, efforts are underway to close Congress and run the country through presidential ordinances.

The government is even violating court orders and forcing the laws of General Pervez Musharraf and General Giaul Haak. PPP leader Kaiber Kunim said that even the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police officers controlled the hospital to areas like Kashmir where they were occupied.

Senator Muhammad Tahir Bizenjo also arrived and expressed solidarity with the employees fired there. Senator Jamaat-i-Islami Senator Sirajul Haq has already moved the resolution from the Senate to the disapproval of the bylaw. Pakistani Muslim League Nawaz spokesman Mar­yam Aurangzeb also readjusted this decree.

Secretary of State Murad Ali Shah

Murad Ali Shah approved the rules of the Act Amal Umer Act on Wednesday, which allowed the hospital to "inform medically legal procedures" Provide immediate treatment. In his Cabinet meeting today, Shah addressed the death of 10-year-old Amal Umer, who pointed out that "the hospital wasted 40 minutes of life due to medical and legal proceedings. We have to stop this. We can't risk someone's life for medical and legal proceedings.

Shah also added that the Sindh government will raise funds to treat the injured. According to the law passed by the Synod General Assembly after the death of Amal Umer, both private and government hospitals "must provide treatment to all injured persons without delay" without complying with medical staff-before proceeding with medical treatment or legal procedure or payment If you require. 

By law, the police cannot "hang or interfere" until the person is considered out of danger. The doctor does not have to obtain the consent of relatives while providing forced treatment. Last year, Amal was shot in a fire between a police officer and a robber during a 'meeting' in Karachi.

According to her mother, she was transferred to a national medical center where a minor refused treatment, and the family was instructed to take her to Jinnah Graduate Medical Center or Aga Khan University Hospital.

Umar died of delayed treatment. Her death provoked public anger, and in such cases, with the neglect of the hospital, questions about the performance of the police were raised.

Transgender representation

The Prime Minister also approved a 0.5 percent job quota for transgender in all government departments and said he wanted to "take the transgender community into the mainstream" and make it a "productive citizen.

He instructed transgenders to have all relevant documents before applying for a job. He also called for a "focus on education.

At a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab noted earlier this year that the local government had booked a 0.5pc work quota for transgenders at police stations only. The same quota is now reserved for transgender community members in all government departments.
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