Pakistan and India Begin Their Inauguration Next Month

Pakistan and India begin their inauguration next month ahead of the 550th anniversary of the Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev by signing the Karthpur corridor Thursday (today). Foreign Ministry spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal said in a media report Wednesday that "currently Pakistan and India will sign the Kartarpur Sahib corridor tomorrow.

India's Foreign Ministry announced on Monday

It was ready to sign the agreement on October 23, but now it is scheduled for Thursday. The signing ceremony takes place at the Kartarpur Zero Line. The contract will be released. A spokesman said, “After signing the agreement, we will share the details by clause. The agreement was finalized after three negotiations.

Negotiations were delayed due to deep differences in the various provisions of the negotiations, while at the same time India reserves for pool and village independence, committee composition were established to take care of the corridors and elections. The last issue was a $ 20 service fee that Pakistan charges all pilgrims for one trip. But India reluctantly agreed.

Pakistan is currently studying a mechanism for charging pilgrims for $ 20. Prime Minister Imran Khan will open the hallway on November 9th and a visa-free link will be made available to pilgrims between Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur and Dra Baba Nanak Shrine in Punjab, India.

The exact time when the gentleman opens and closes the door will be announced after signing the contract. Up to 5,000 of the Sikh pilgrims in India use the corridor, but in special cases more are accommodated depending on the capacity.

The importants of this agreement

The signing of this agreement is important because the two countries are entering into an agreement despite a sharp deterioration in relations to the Kashmir conflict. Faisal, in his briefing, stressed that the real problem was to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir disputes at the UNSC resolution and the Kashmiri people's will. "Peace and stability in South Asia will be ambiguous until this problem is resolved," he added.

During his visit to Eura Town, Azad Kashmir, diplomatic battalions and foreign journalists were given the opportunity to talk with the locals, and at the Civil Control Officer (LoC) there was an opportunity to investigate the provocations that killed Indians and injured civilians. said. Many people, including women and children.

He said that the Indian High Commissioner was asked to join the delegation and share their claims on surgical strikes, but no response had been made so far.

Arbitration the spokesman said

It is continuing in response to questions about Pakistan's efforts to mediate Iran and Saudi Arabia. But he did not comment on Saudi Arabia's foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir's statement. Jubeir said, “There is no arbitration. People come to us with ideas and we give them our reaction and our reaction is that we want Iranian people to do it. And we want to see action rather than words.

Faisal says Pakistan will join China, Russia and the United States on four-party talks on the Afghan peace process in Moscow, Moscow. He said Pakistan has so far been part of all efforts and processes to discuss and promote Afghanistan's peace and reconciliation efforts. "Pakistan's role is particularly noteworthy in determining international convergence for peaceful resolution in Afghanistan," he said.

A spokesman said Pakistan will continue to "full support as part of a joint responsibility for the success of international peace efforts in Afghanistan. A Taleban spokesman insisted on Pakistan's role in Afghanistan dialogue in China. A FO spokesman said Pakistan regarded Hong Kong as an internal Chinese problem and supported "one China policy.

Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, who supported the Kashmir movement despite India's ban on palm oil imports, said Pakistan proudly said that it has a Muslim friend like Malaysia.

Faisal said that India could not stop the three rivers under the Indus Water Treaty, which the World Bank endorses about the threat of India's inflow of water into Pakistan. He said he had the right to take action under the treaty if he questioned Pakistan's right to the three rivers.

Pakistan's prime minister, Navaj Sharif on Wednesday

On Wednesday, when Pakistan's prime minister, Navaj Sharif, appears to have slightly improved his health, President Pakistan's Muslim League (PML-N) Shavaz Sharif has complained about the facility's "full support" decision. Shahbaz Sharif, expressing his rare feelings in connection with the establishment, said: I supported the agency 100%, but the improper government of Imran Khan failed to deliver it.

We did not even receive 10pc of support for the agencies. Since there was no such case in Pakistan's history, I was surprised at the support that the Imran Khan government enjoys in all institutions. Pakistan would have advanced by leaps and bounds if it gave 10-15pc to the PML-N government under Nawaz Sharif or received a" push "from the agency.

He addressed PML-N lawmakers here in Model Town on October 31 regarding the party's preparation for the "Aza di March. Nawaz's reduced platelet count stimulates the doctor to choose 'aggressive drugs'. Mariam was hospitalized.

Shahbaz Sharif said

Imran Khan gained strength through rigging in the 2018 election. Imran Khan Niazi is arrogant and has no vision to solve the problems facing the country today. He is good at tampering the ball and a few other things and knows nothing else. He was no one respected and selfish. He added that he cursed Imran Khan for making people miserable in his life and added that he wanted a "plunder" that made this country advance on all fronts.

PML-N told the senior party leaders and lawmakers in Punjab: He asked to mobilize workers for the 'big show' in Islamabad. Nawaz Sharif, who was admitted to a service hospital on Monday, showed no signs of improvement. While reducing platelet counts, six medical staff led by Ayaz Mahmood, head of the service hospital, are still struggling to diagnose why they are not healthy.

A member of the board told us on Wednesday that platelet counts dropped from 29,000 to 7,000, urging medical staff to opt for "aggressive drugs" in addition to platelet transfusion. Since Tuesday, 7 million platelets have been transfused to patients, and the medical board has found it difficult to figure out why sudden counts fall," added Wednesday evening.

Board called the city's main hematologist for help in this regard. But the medical board wasn't decisive about the exact diagnosis, worsening Nawaz Sharif's health," he added.

The board added that blood samples were sent back to public hospital laboratories and private hospitals for major diagnosis. Causes of "fast reduction of platelet count. He felt that his former best was weak because of the "instability" of platelet counts.

Health Minister Yasmin Rashid Punjabi told the media that

Naz Sharif's condition is "stable" and that the government is giving him the best treatment. She said personally there was no problem if President Sharif wanted to go abroad for treatment, but she did not express his wishes in this regard. Dr. Rashid also met with Prime Minister Sharif and expressed concern about the health of Khan and Secretary of State Usman Buzdar.

PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hus­sain and Punjab Congressman Perv­aiz Elahi called Shahbaz Sharif and asked Nawaz Sharif's health. Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said PM's Special Assistant to Information said the authorities had ordered Nawaz Sharif to provide the best medical facilities.

The prime minister prayed for his recovery and expressed his best wishes for him. Prime Minister Ahsan Iqbal said Imran Khan Niazi is responsible for Nazaz Sharif's poor health. "The hatred of the PTI government also reflects inhumane acts against Maryam Nawaz, Rana Sanaullah Khan and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Mariam meets with me

Detained PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz met Nawaz Sharif at a service hospital after the Punjab government accepted her request in this regard. One source said, “After an hour-long meeting between father and daughter, the hospital administration provided checkups at the hospital because of poor health over the past few days.

He said that Maryam accepted the government's proposal to enter the hospital. The doctor did a blood test late at night and began treatment in the light of the test results. Earlier this day, the court asked Maryam Nawaz for an hour of meeting with his father in prison at the hospital.
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